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Double Under Practice

Tuesday Workout Skill Double Under Practice. 3-5 Minutes Jump rope practice EMOM EMOM – 12 Minutes Minute 1: 1 Clean + 3 jerks (adjust weight as desired) Minute 2: 25-35 double unders Wod 3 RFT (Burpees/DB Snatch/Lunges) 20 burpees (new standard) over dumbbell 16 alternating DB Snatches 12 Steps DB Front Lunges Madmobi Pigeon Stretch …

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3 Clean EMOM

Monday, January 29, 2018 Skill 3 ROUNDS FOR QUALITY 10 alternating Turkish Get-ups 10 Wall Walks EMOM EMOM – 10 MINUTES – 3 CLEANS 3 Cleans (squat or power) Good footwork and no jumping out wide with your feet Pick the weight and adjust as desired wod ROW/OH SQUAT/LUNGES 3 Rounds for Time 50 calorie …

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Wednesday EMOM

The weather is clear, the gym is open – make sure and get your butt in here tonight!!! Come meet our newest 2222 Coach!!! Amy York!! I grew up in Georgetown, Texas, and have lived in Cedar Park for 14 years. Growing up, I played many sports including softball, swimming, basketball, and soccer. In the …

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Gift of Giving

  THIS WEEKEND CrossFit Cedar Park 9:30am – Saturday Free Community Workout     ADOPT-A-FAMILY Please sign up or donate to help our two families. We still need to fill a lot of spots. Don’t have time to shop? I can help. I will be shopping to fill in the missing presents next week. DEADLINE – …

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Front Squat Fun

Tuesday Workout Strength Front Squat 3×5 Together With 3×3 Front squats 5-5-5 – 70% 3-3-3 1 set to failure 40×0 tempo 8-12 reps Wod “Nikki” 20 minute AMRAP 9- Snatch 95/65 9- Thruster 95/65 9- Pull Ups Madmobi knee on the wall press ups pigeon thoracic extenion  

3 position Cleans

CrossFit Tuesday Skill Handstand Hold Handstand Push Up Techinque, Skill And Strength 5-10 minutes working skill or strength Strength Clean Lift Off + Clean Pull + Clean 3-3-3 at 70% 3-3-3 at 75% Wod 21 Min EMOM Minute 1: 7 reps Renegade Row (push up, row, row) Minute 2: 7-10 Hang Power Clean and Jerks …

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Thanksgiving Week

THANKSGIVING WEEK Mon – Wed – Regular Schedule Thanksgiving – Closed Friday – 10am – Free  Community Workout at Cedar Park Monday, November 20, 2017 Skill HANDSTAND HOLD Warm up 3 ROUNDS FOR WARM UP 5 Kip Swings 5 Snatch grip behind the neck push press (hook group when weight is on the shoulders releasing …

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