Covid-19 Safety Precautions

The Corona Virus is a serious matter. Here’s what we’re doing to insure your safety.

  1. The CrossFit 2222 community is a tight knit group of members who attend the same classes at the same time regularly through out the week. We do NOT have a constant influx of strangers coming in and out of the gym like a hair salon or grocery store. Everyone knows everyone and everyone holds each other accountable.
  2. Building a strong IMMUNE SYSTEM is highly encouraged with exercise, sleep, clean eating, exposure to sunlight, hydration, meditation, supplementation, stress management, laughter, healthy relationships, etc.
  3. COMMON SENSE. If our members are not feeling well or have been exposed to crowds, travel or anyone infected with the Corona Virus, they are simply quarantining themselves and NOT coming to the gym.
  4. Most of our members work from home and are adamant about social distancing as the current lifestyle.
  5. Virtually all of our members are adamant about wearing masks in public and in general.
  6. Train at home and ZOOM into CrossFit! ZOOM classes are available Mon-Fri 5:30am, 7:30am. MWF 12:30pm. Sat 9:30am. Nearly 30% of our membership is 100% on ZOOM.
  7. All gym equipment is cleaned and disinfected through out the day throughly after each use.
  8. Hand washing is required before and after class.
  9. Masks are required when entering the Physical Therapy side.
  10. Individual workout stations are taped off to maintain social distancing.
  11. Ample cleaning supplies are provided for each station.
  12. Equipment is spaced out throughout the gym to maintain social distancing.
  13. Classes are operating at 50% capacity to prevent a crowded gym.
  14. Class times are spaced out to minimize crowds during class transition times.
  15. Garage door is fully elevated all day long to create an open air environment.
  16. Workout programming is designed for increased usage of the outdoor space.