Holly Jolly Kick-Off Tomorrow!


Holly Jolly Challenge Kick-Off 

10:30am at CF Cedar Park

Its not too late to REGISTER

Friday Wods

Warm Up

Barbell Roll Outs & Wall Walks
10 Barbell Roll outs
5 Wall Walks3 rounds for quality


Deadlift Warm Up
Quality – get to 80%

Deadlift Protocol 3 Half Range + 8 Jumps
3 half range deadlifts (floor to top of knee cap)
8 Box jumpsStart at 85% of max and next two rounds go up or stay the same

3-3-3 – rest 3-4 minutes in between


3 Rounds For Time Run/Burpee/Snatch/Pu
200m run
5 barbell facing burpees
10 power snatch 95/65
15 Hand release push ups


1 Min Max Assault/Rower
1 minute
Max effort
Assault bike or rower


Pigeon stretch
hamstring up and over
knee on the wall
press ups