Friday night lights……


The CrossFit Open is here…


This is what you need to know…

• First WOD will be announced Live online Thursday night at 7pm.

• We will also be streaming it at the CrossFit Cedar Park box and invite you to come by and hang out.

• Heat Times will be predetermined (based on the WOD, movements, required equipment, weights, space, etc) and posted at the box and on the fan pages by noon on Friday.

• If you are registered for the Open and on CFCP roster it will be assumed that you will be at CrossFit Cedar Park Friday Night to complete the WOD. If for some reason you are not going to be here, please shoot me a message to let me know before the heats are made.

• Friday Night Lights will start at 7pm with the first heat at CrossFit Cedar Park. In order to keep things running smooth, please show up in advance to check in and warm up.

• If you are unable to attend and complete the WOD on Friday nights, we will be offering Make Up & Redo opportunity on Sunday mornings in place of the Skill class at CrossFit Cedar Park

• The Class WOD on Friday will be the Open WOD, so everyone will have the opportunity to participate. Please note that if you plan on completing the WOD during regular class times, you will not have a judge.

We are super excited and looking forward to be hosting a super fun 2017 CrossFit Open with an amazing and supportive community. Thank you to all the athletes who have signed up to compete, help judge or both!

If you are not part of the CF Cedar Park or CF 2222 Community, you can still participate in the Open with us on Friday Nights. Please email to get on the heat list


Dynamic warm up
Group warm up

8 rounds of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest
Stability push ups/plank holds

Rope climbs and variations

Max rope climbs in 2 minutes.
Scale as needed


Build to a max power clean.
In 6 minutes

For time.
20 ground to overhead 135/95
100 double unders
20 burpees
100 double unders
20 ground to over head

Lat stretch band
Knee on the wall
Shoulder bully
Press ups