Congratulations Troop 015!

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World’s Best Boot Camp Troop 015

(this is just a few of them)

We have 11 members GRADUATING to CrossFit!

If you see any new faces in class, make sure and WELCOME and ENCOURAGE them!


kicks off on April 30th

If you know anyone ready to workout, but timid to start CrossFit

This is a GREAT place to start!

Check out our FACEBOOK Page for more info!

Dynamic Movement Prep

Group Warm Up

Ham drill
Leg swims
Banded shoulder warm up
50 n 50 ghd
4 rounds for warm up. 
5 KB snatch each side
5 KB cleans each side
5 KB jerks each side
5 goblet squats
double unders
4 rounds for time
20 steps in place lunges with KB
12 burpees to a plate
30 double unders
Mad mobi 
Keg stretch
Shoulder bully
Trigger point pecs
Lat stretch