Give More

Words can be very powerful.  They can educate or encourage.  They can tear you down. They can break your heart.

by BiggDave Tillman

A few years ago I was attending a seminar on goal setting and self talk.  In the middle of his lecture the speaker announced that everyone should hop up and go to the next room where we will all take turns doing the infamous CrossFit workout “Fran”.   Needless to say there were a few audible gasps. Whether you were prepared or not everyone noticed the physiological response to one little four letter word. The hair stood up on the back of your neck.  Your palms instantly began to sweat and that tingle went through your whole body preparing you for a fight.  As all the attendees stood up to go to the next room, some enthusiastically, others with trepidation, he stopped us.  Sighs of relief filled the room as we were all spared this battle with “Fran”.  With this one simple illustration we all saw how powerful one word in your vocabulary can become.  We give that word it’s power.  It instantaneously put us all in that fight or flight state.  Ready for battle.

Then the speaker made his point.   Why not use this power to get what you want.  To push you harder.  Use it to ignite that spark inside you to fire and set in motion the devastating power that you are capable of.  One word or one phrase could light the fuse of all of those sticks of dynamite you have itching to explode within you.

As a coach, every effort is made to get all of the athletes I coach to master the skill of using a mantra to take them to the next level.

A few guidelines on these.
1. It has to mean something to you.  It has to be tied to your emotions.

2. It should be positive. Calling yourself a “stupid wuss” in the middle of your wod will not take you to that extra level.

3. It should be used at the right time.  This is where the skill comes in.

There is a small voice inside you that tries to get you to slow down or stop.  We all have it.  We all wrestle with it. One of the best weapons to combat that voice is using your specific positive emotional mantra at exactly the moment you hear that voice that wants you to slow or stop.

One of the athletes I coach uses the mantra “Give More”   He even tattooed it on his hands. It’s important to him.  It means something to him.

Another athlete uses “20x”.  Because she knows she is 20x more capable than she thinks she is.  She writes it on the floor in front of her so she can see it during her open wods.

I’ve had some write theirs on forearms or the back of their hands during regionals.

It is skill that should be practiced.  Remember, you give the word or phrase it’s power.  You can use it to get you to where you want to go.

Write it down. Believe it. Use it. Live it.


I Do The Impossible Challenge V

Here is what you get

Your own personal CFCP Coach for 8 weeks

Kickoff and Ending with a Benchmark Workout

Goal Setting Meeting

Customized Nutrition Plan

Weekly Bonus workouts to accomplish outside of class

Requires 2x per week CFCP class workouts

CFCP online Wod Journal and Food Log

Before and After Photos

Before and  After Measurements

Weekly grading of food logs

Nutrition Seminar with your Coach

Skills Training with your Coach

Teammates to help keep you accountable

I Do The Impossible Challenge T-Shirt

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dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

Junk yard dawg

Burgener warm up.

15 med ball slams.

In 8 minutes
Build to a. 1 rm snatch

14.3 open wod.  
Complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
135/95 . deadlifts, 10 reps
15 box jumps, 24/20
185/135 deadlifts, 15 reps
15 box jumps, 24/20
225/155 deadlifts, 20 reps
15 box jumps, 24/20
275/185 . deadlifts, 25 reps
15 box jumps, 24/20
315/205 deadlifts, 30 reps
15 box jumps, 24/20
365/225 deadlifts, 35 reps
15 box jumps, 24/20

Mad mobi
Press up press up press up
Cal stretch
Shoulder bully
More Press ups.