Welcome Coach Seth!


Introducing our newest Coach

Seth Prochazka

BS – Texas A&M University
CrossFit Level 1
MAD Athlete since 2012

Seth has been in the CrossFit community since December of 2008 and has been using it as the primary strength and conditioning training system since. As a coach Seth has over 4500 hours of experience as well as being the head coach of a gym.

His athletic background includes playing Div.1 Premier club soccer where he advanced to national tournaments, as well as playing multiple college sports including being an on scholarship Div.1 goalkeeper (soccer). As a CrossFit athlete Seth has competed in the CrossFit Open every year and placed 48th in the South Central Region in 2015.

Seth will be the regular coach for the following classes:





4:30pm & 5:30pm

Dynamic warm up 
Group warm up
Skill work 
L-sit 3 sets 30 seconds to 1 minute
Front squats
At tempo
105×1  tempo. (10 seconds down 5 second hold)
Amrap in 8 minutes of
9 box jumps 24/20
12 shoulder to overhead  95/65
15 toe 2 bar
MAD Mobi 
Lat stretch band
Roll calves w bb
Shoulder bully
Press ups