Who watched the CrossFit Games this weekend and made the decision that they weren’t ready to start CrossFit? Or you need to get in shape BEFORE starting CrossFit?

Curious, have you ever played basketball with your kids or friends? Did you think before you played that you need to get in shape so you can play like an NBA athlete? Probably not. You played because its fun.

CrossFit at the affiliate level is about fun, getting in shape, and meeting new people. The athletes you watched this weekend are professional athletes competing in a sport.

Our goal to help you change your life. To improve your health and fitness.

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dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

Warm up for oh squats
Thoracic extension/keg stretch
Banded shoulder warm up

Oh squats
2-2-2-2.  By feel

OH squats
3-3-3 at   22×1 tempo.  65% +

20 hand release push ups.
20 kb swings 1.5/1.0
500 meter row

Rest. 2-3 minutes between rounds

4 rounds for splits.

Keg stretch
Knee on the wall
Shoulder bully