PR’s Rocking the Box


Michaela hits a deadlift PR!


Friday Night

Guys – join our coaches over at CrossFit Cedar Park for Wod & Whiskey Night. The CrossFit Games will be on the TV for watching afterwards!



No Community Workout at CF2222

Feel free to head over to CrossFit Cedar Park’s Open Gym at 9:30am

Dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

Banded shoulder warm up

For skill
Handstands (work with partners)
Handstand walks

Wod  for reps
1 minute burpees
2 minutes double unders
3 min abmat sit ups
4 minutes clean and jerk 135/95
5 minutes row for calories

Mad mobi
Roll quads w bb
Hamstring up n over
Sit on lacrosse ball
Press ups.