Dynamic Movement Prep


Dynamic Movements

When you walk in the door to get ready for class, the first movements that should be done are your Dynamic Warm-up drills. These are movements utilized to get you warmed up and start the mobility process before you even get to your group warm up with the coach.

Lunge Stretch

Leg Cradle

Walking quad stretch

Frankenstein Kicks

Inch Worms

Warming up properly is a great way to ensure that your body is ready to move and lift yourself in gymnastic movements and to lift weights. Don’t skip it and don’t be late for class!

dynamic movement prep 
Group warm up 
50 heavy Russian swings
3 position cleans 
Record weights
Emom  for 5 minutes 
3 power cleans
3 push press
On the 5 th minute double the reps
Rest 1 minute
Emom for 5 minutes 
5 handstand push ups
5 toe 2 bar
5 th minute double the reps.
Mad mobi. 
100 frog legs
Press ups
Corner stretch