Emom Day

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This week, our CF2222 Coaches will be heading to Dallas for the Reebok CrossFit South Region Competition.

Coach Kelley and Coach Carson will be competing and of course, BiggDave is the head coach of the team competing.

We will have regular schedule (with some coaching subs) EXCEPT for FRIDAY NIGHT at 5:30pm. This class is CANCELLED.

If you want to attend class Friday night, please come to our SISTER GYM, CrossFit Cedar Park at 2051 Cypress Creek Road, Suite A for a great workout!

To watch the TEAM compete on the live feed

Dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

50 n 50 ghd.
Go over proper ghbe ghsu with your group.

Warm up deadlifts

“Pull pull emom”
Emom 10 minutes
5 pull ups
3 deadlifts (you pick the weight)


3 rounds for time of
15 box jumps/step ups 24/20
7 thrusters 135/95

Knee on the wall
Roll quads
Hamstring up n over